Starburst 2165 dating

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Starburst 2165 dating

That narrows the date of this particular mark to 1937-1939.

Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918 at the end of World War I.

This serves as evidence that the mark was used much later than the books have stated.

The gold blot is covering up the mark of the factory that produced the undecorated pieces.

Blanks commonly used by Klemm were from Meissen, Rosenthal, KPM, Silesia, and Limoges I haven't been able to find this mark in any of the books, but are told that it is for Bernardo, which I also have not been able to find. Lefton Cup I'm reasonably certain this is the work of an outside decorator.

It is perhaps one-of a kind, although it is possible that several were made for family members. It is a wonderful decorative, nostalgic, and historical piece, obviously made to honor a mother and baby, whose appearances are certainly agreeable with the time frame of She purchased it brand new through an exclusive catalogue.

Amanda said it appears that her great great grandparents were immigrants from Germany.

Founded in 1886, they were importers of china and glass from Europe.

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